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The mains voltage of Leybold Turbotronik NT20 is 100/120/220/240 V,%/-15%. Mains frequency of Leybold NT-20 is 50/60 Hz. Interface for data output of Turbotornik NT20 is RS 232/V.24. The weight of Oerlikon NT20 is 7 kg.

The electronic frequency converter TURBOTRONIK NT-20 is used to drive the following turbo molecular pumps:

  • TURBOVAC 150, 360,
  • TURBOVAC 150 CSV, 360 CSV,
  • TURBOVAC 150 V, 360 V,
  • TURBOVAC 151, 151 C, 361, 361 C,
  • TURBOVAC 600, 600 C,
  • TURBOVAC 1000, 1000 C, 1100 C.

These pumps each comprise a three-phase asynchronous motor with the appropriate rating to drive the rotor.

The TURBOTRONIK NT20 converts the single-phase mains voltage into a three-phase AC voltage with regulated frequency and amplitude.

Each installed TURBOVAC has been individually coded. The respective pump code must be entered using the DIP switches provided. For safety reasons, the TURBOVAC will not start up unless the two codes match.

The acceleration sequence, the regulation during operation, and the output speed will vary depending on the installed pump model.

The TURBOTRONIK NT 20 does not support the pump models TURBOVAC 150 H and TURBOVAC 360 H. LEYBOLD customer service can adjust the speed of each TURBOVAC to ± 5%, if required.

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